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Ibrahimovic AC Milan refused to return to Manchester United because the transfer fee offer voluntary pay cuts

24, 07, 2015

AC Milan made substantial progress in the introduction of Ibrahimovic's work, another goal Romagnoli situation is more optimistic. But now Galliani and the team together in China, taking a step forward operation may have to wait to return to Italy to continue.


Ibrahimovic on the situation has been very clear, although the Swedes did not return to AC Milan's willingness to openly, but according to France and Italy these days the news media, trade has been nearly completed. Paris Saint-Germain has failed to keep the Swedes regard know, but they hope that after the French Super Cup match came alive again in person, hoping to get a part of the transfer fee, after Ibrahimovic and another year with the team. Yesterday, "Gazzetta dello Sport" has been exposed material, AC Milan are ready to offer 5.5 million euros Paris Ibrahimovic buyout last year of his contract, he is also willing to wait until after the French Super Cup then transfer operation. Since Milan shelled out 5.5 million transfer fee, personal treatment of Ibrahimovic made concessions, the annual salary from 7.5 million to 600 million.


Today "slow motion" reported that Ibrahim has rejected offers from other teams, including the Premiership [microblogging] Manchester United [microblogging] and soil over Galatasaray, he just wants to return to AC Milan. Paris is being focused on the introduction of Lacazette and Mary, one of them will become a replacement for Ibrahimovic.


On the question Romagnoli, Milan fight to the player's own wishes. 20-year-old young defender last season, Sampdoria and Mihajlovic has worked, he really want to follow the teacher to join AC Milan. Thus, although Naples offer 28 million +200 million prize has reached the psychological level of 30 million Roma, but the player himself does not nod the deal could not be completed. Naples has now turned his attention to Torino defender Maximovich. Objectively speaking, AC Milan 25 million offer is not low, Rome and need capital to Salah Edin Dzeko, Galliani is precisely aimed at this point we do not increase, waiting for Rome to nod.

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"Corriere dello Sport," said, AC Milan has just turned down a Premier League on offer from Matri, sources said that Mihajlovic responded personally. But the report did not disclose the offer details, I do not know Milan rejected because offer is too low or are there any other reasons.


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