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Manchester United 25 million reinforcements: I want to become the legendary Red Devils Manchester United will win

24, 07, 2015

Manchester United new aid-des-Pres in a recent interview with the BBC interview, the interview Pres confident that he wants to be Manchester United legend, hope to help the team to get the Premier League title. In addition, he also unveils its own story about the tattoo and the name behind the shirt.


On the Van Gaal


Turning to Van Gaal, Pres refused described him as a "father figure," Pres said: "I do not want to put Van Gaal defined as a father figure, but he really is a great coach, he can make players better in the World Cup so often before, every time I trained under him are done, they feel better and I feel very hungry, I wanted to do everything to get better, it makes me become a better player. "


On the Manchester United goal


Pres said: "I want to become Manchester United legend, but now the most important thing is to focus on the next game, because every game I have to do."


On the other teams interested in


Paris Saint-Germain, Tottenham and Liverpool and other teams have tried to buy Pres, Pres but ultimately chose Manchester United, he said: After "When Manchester United come, I would have made a decision Manchester United expressed the intention, and I Coach talked to, everything is very clear to me. "


Ruud talk


Pres said: "We discussed together how big Manchester United is a wealthy, discussed how the fans like we have some things coming talks, Ruud van Nistelrooy of Manchester United legend.."


Talk about their


Pres prefer people to call him "Memphis" instead of Pres. Because he did not want contact with his father together. Pres Pres 4 years old father left him and his mother, so the name of his shirt behind Memphis.


Pres tattoo madman, which has a tattoo in honor of his grandfather, the first day after the 15th birthday of Pres died. Pres said: "part, and football these things are unrelated to my life, this is a different matter, in addition to football I have my own life I have had some minor setbacks, they make me stronger to me. like my tattoo, I am me, everyone will respect this. "


On the Goal target


Pres said: "I will not set a specific goal, I will not do the most important team as a whole, if I can score or assists, I will do my own pressure, let himself in every. We have shown better game, but I also have to improve their strength, because the Premier League is completely different. "


On the achievements of Manchester United



For Manchester United's future, Pres confident, he said: "We definitely have the strength, we need to prove that we have to play offensive creativity in the game, holding tough defense, so that we can win, we will. the championship. It is possible to win the Premier League, Manchester United, but because we! "


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